Why Choose Us

At GFC, Dr. Karthik and Dr.Manu are highly qualified with Fellowship training in Fertility medicine. Dr.Karthik;s training at the TUREK Clinic, Pacific Fertility Center and San Diego Sexual Medicine positions him to be unique health care provider for men (www.metromaleclinic.com). Also he is a Minimal Access and Reproductive microsurgeon with a Diploma in Clinical Embryology. Often times at a Fertility Center, the embryologist is a visiting consultant and is not part of the hospital team. Hence, the couple is often kept in the dark as to what happens in the embryology lab which is the heart of the fertility clinic. However, at GFC, Dr.Karthik, an embryologist himself has a detailed discussion with the couple seeking IVF on the facilities offered, the nature and quality of the oocytes. An in depth discussion on the quality/grading of the embryos, the number to be transferred, why certain embryos are chosen and not the others are thoroughly discussed with the patient dispelling all doubts. Surgical sperm retrieval procedures are also done by Dr.Karthik enabling him to choose the best possible sperm to obtain a favourable outcome.
Dr.Manu apart from being a skilled Laproscopic/Hysteroscopic surgeon is a people person. She spends ample time with the patients, listens to their issues patiently and counsels them on various modalities of treatment available and their success rates.The patients love her. Her training at Glen Eagles hospital Singapore furthered her skill in advanced IVF techniques.
The staff at GFC are qualified, friendly, and understand the stress that patients with fertility issues suffer. An advanced embryology lab with state of the art facilities and trained technicians abound. Waiting at the clinic is kept to a minimum and phone consults are encouraged. Transparency in testing and treating fertility patients is KEY and at GFC this is written in stone.
In a country like India, where enquiringĀ  whether a woman is pregnant or not within a month of her marriage is considered a democratic right, patients need more than just physicians to help them. Often times, there is no pathology with them, but due to social pressure they invite problems over. A center which holds the couple by their hands and guides them through these difficult times is the need of the hour. A happy place, which reduces stress levels and puts patients at ease is exactly what GFC is!