Fertility Enhancing Key Hole Surgery

Key Hole or Laproscopic Minimally invasive surgery is a boon to women and men presenting with subfertility problems. While conventional surgeries cause a lot of discomfort and trauma, keyhole surgery excels in pain free cosmetically superior options with similar efficacy rates.

Advanced Operative Laproscopy

Laproscopy/Key hole surgery involves looking inside the abdomen and performing surgeries by means of tiny incisions (.3 to .5cms). It uses a telescope which is usually a rod lens system which is attached to a camera and an image processing unit to generate an output. The abdomen is distended by a gas, usually Carbondioxide, which helps to create space and allows the surgery to proceed with better visualization. Surgery is done using 3 to 5 mm instruments with the least tissue damage.

Advantages of Keyhole surgery

  1. Dyspareunia / Vaginismus
  2. Vulvodynia / Vestibulodynia
  3. Hypoactive Sexual Desire / Disorder (HSDD)
  4. Lax Vagina

Advanced Operative Hysteroscopy

Hysteroscopy is visualizing the uterine cavity by a telescope inserted through the mouth of the uterus (cervix). It helps us in diagnosing uterine pathologies and provides us a means of fixing them by operative techniques. The distension medium is usually saline which provides adequate visualization inside the uterus. Since the advent of hysteroscopy , surgery which was deemed as impossible has become relatively easy.

At Guna Fertility Center (GFC) we pride ourselves in providing our patients with the latest that technology can offer.

High Definition Imagery

High definition is where the images are seen in 1080p. This is much higher than standard definition. This kind of imaging is a delight for the Minimally invasive surgeon which helps in visualizing even the smallest of pathologies that could be easily missed with the naked eye. This translates to less strain for the surgeon, reduced operationg room times, better results for the patient. Storz, Image1, which is the latest in imaging technology from Germany is being used in GFC. This also helps in documentation with great image capture. Storz Laproscope and Hysteroscope are used with 3mm instruments.

Harmonic Scalpel

The Harmonic Ace scalpel cuts via vibration. This product from Ethicon, Johnson and Johnson is a real revelation for the laproscopic surgeon. The blade vibrates in the range of about 55000 Hz. It is used to cut and coagulate tissues and uses the principle of protein denaturation. As the blade cuts by vibration, the lateral spread of current is very minimal. It is highly effective in treating adhesions, endometriosis, ovarian cysts and fibroids where minimal or nil tissue damage occurs.

Force Triad

Force triad is a vessel sealing device from Valley Lab. It is a full radiofrequency energy system which delivers monopolar and bipolar energy with the next generation Ligasure tissue fusion technology in an all in one unit. With the force triad unit, adhesion release is almost bloodless. Big chunks of tissue with vessels upto 7mm can be easily sealed with no blood loss. It serves to effectively reduce operating room time. Bipolar underwater cutting in saline is a valuable addition to the armamentarium of Force Triad. It helps in resecting fibroids and septums within the uterus using bipolar technology which does not place a constraint on OR time.

Applications of Key Hole surgery in Fertility

  1. Fibroid Removal
  2. Adhesion release in Endometriosis
  3. Hysteroscopic Uterine Septum Resection
  4. Tubal Reanastomosis
  5. Tubal Cannulation
  6. Ovarian Cyst Removal
  7. Hysteroscopic polyp removal
  8. Hysteroscopic fibroid removal
  9. Polycystic Ovarian drilling
  10. Laproscopic Varicocelectomy